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Of course I’m biased, but I firmly believe that photography is one of the most essential parts of any wedding day. Therefore choosing your photographer becomes one of the most important decisions when planning your wedding.

After months and years of planning, after all the effort and work you put in to your day, when everyone is assembled and every place set, you want more than a photo, you want to truly capture the moments and the memories. This is what a good photographer does, your job is to create the story it’s his job to record it.

This is where I come in.

I make sure I’m there for the moment. A genuine smile can’t be replicated, so I’m ready and waiting, capturing the whole story as it unfolds, but always blending into the background.

 Welcome to “Crash the Wedding”, the Birmingham wedding photographer.

Being a wedding photographer in Birmingham and the West Midlands is great! Every single wedding is utterly unique, Brummies are fantastic and Birmingham is stock full of great venues.
For me being a wedding photographer is about being very sociable and at the same time being behind the camera as much as possible. I get on with people which is what makes it so enjoyable and what allows me to get those unique shots. The shots where people are at their ease and are having fun. Your guests won’t be camera conscious, just themselves.
Because of the intrinsic role the wedding photographer has, it is vital, Vital! that you get on with them, that you know they will get on with your guests, and that you know they will perform an outstanding job. Wedding photography isn’t for the faint-hearted or the lackadaisical. It’s a full on job, where you’re dealing with loads of new people, on a highly emotional day, and where you have split seconds to capture once in a lifetime moments and create beautiful photos constantly. I love it! But as I said, it’s vital to know your photographer is up to the challenge.
That’s why I always encourage couples to get in touch, have a chat and arrange a wedding meeting. There’s never any pressure selling, instead you are provided with a crucial opportunity to ask any questions you might have see my latest work and get a feel for who I am. You can’t beat meeting face to face.

“Crash the Wedding”, the Wedding Photographer Birmingham

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